325 East Sonterra Blvd.

Clinic: Suite 120

Administrative Office: Suite 220

San Antonio, TX 78258

Phone: (210) 614-5100 / Fax (210) 614-5103

Adam I. Harris, M.D.

James Seesholtz, PA-C

Tammie Allen, RN

Donna Risinger (Secretary)

Eddie A. Garcia, M.D.

Sarah Septien (Medical Assistant/Secretary)

Physician Teams (click for e-mail)

Carol Person, R.N. (Research Coordinator)

Administration (click for e-mail)

Kendra Folvarsky

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Questions regarding patient accounts are managed by Evolution Consulting

(830) 632-7924

Elizabeth Delgado (Office Manager)

Benefits Coordinators

Emma Ojeda (Scheduling/Benefits)

Front Office

Susana Estrada (Check in)

Jennifer Goodwin (Check out)

Liz Herrera (Operator)

Brandon Broome, M.D.

Pantea Kamrava (Medical Assistant)

Notes on e-mail:

Standard e-mail is not a HIPPA compliant form of communication. You are free to send any information by e-mail, but you should be aware that the contents of your e-mail may be viewed by people other than the intended reciplient. Depending on the content, by law, our reply may need to be encrypted. (Having trouble? here are two links that might help: If you have a Microsoft Account or If you don't have a Microsoft account.)

While general questions can be answered, again, by law, specific medical advice can only be provided in certain circumstances, and only to established patients.

Melinda Holbrook (Patient Relations)

Amanda Durant (Medical Assistant)